My coworker is better than your coworker

I came to work on Friday to find a hunk of homemade bread my coworker Julie had baked waiting for me. It was dee-licous!

Do you have any coworkers who are that cool?


10 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7

Today I am thankful that I’m in a position to help others.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I blogged about my first experience volunteering for Hurricane Sandy relief for work. After the blog had been posted my coworker, Nadira,  commented, “At some points I feel guilty because we were spared knowing that so many lives and materials were destroyed, but it also gives us the capacity to help our neighbors.”

The words struck me. Those of us who lived in areas largely unaffected by the storm had a sort of collective survivors guilt, but that comment helped me to re frame my thinking. Perhaps some of us in New York had gotten off so easy so that we would have the capacity to help others.

This is not just related to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy though because I am fortunate to have the ability to help others all year round. I am certainly not in much a financial position to help anyone (I can barely help myself financially), but  I’m blessed to have my health, an education, a safe place to live, access to clean water and food when so many others don’t. Even if I can’t contribute much monetarily, I have my voice, I have my hands and I have my time and I am very lucky for that.

One comment on “My coworker is better than your coworker

  1. Wow, that is awesome your co-worker made you bread! I work with some really, really nice people. Which is good since we work in such incredibly close quarters. I really like the girl that sits next to me. We have very similar personalities/views on life and she is just an all around great person.

    I really need to make more of a point to help others. I try to donate when I can (financially) but I coudl do so much more. After the CFA, I really want to get involved with a local non-profit and make it a point to volunteer on a regular basis.

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