It’s As If Heaven Was Baked In To A Cookie and Left On My Desk

On Monday  my coworker, fellow food lover and baker extraordinaire, Julie, came in to my office and asked, “Would you be interested in trying my Lavender and Thyme Cookies?”

Umm really? Is that even a question? Let’s examine everything that is right with the words Lavender and Thyme Cookies. Lavender: right! Thyme: right! Cookies: so so right!

And so yesterday, after confirming they were allergy safe for me, Julie brought me two cookies. I have to say there was one major problem with them which was; SHE ONLY BROUGHT ME TWO!

If shared between historical adversaries, these cookies could bring about world peace.

Seriously, these cookies were “knock your socks off, I want to cry they’re so good, I can’t stop thinking about them, when can I get my next fix” good. They’re buttery and not overly sweet with that beautiful aromatic and earthy flavor of lavender and then this subtle herby kick from the thyme.

I’m going to try to get Julie to guest post because this is a recipe that needs to be shared with the world. We can argue about a socialized health care system or America’s involvement in foreign wars, but I think we can all agree that great cookie recipes should be shared.

Kumbaya my friends, Kumbaya.

2 comments on “It’s As If Heaven Was Baked In To A Cookie and Left On My Desk

  1. That is an interesting combination! I never would have thought lavender + thyme would work in a sweet! But I will take your word for it as I know you have a discerning palette!

  2. Kate says:

    Pretty sure we get USPS over on this side of the river…share that wealth!

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