So damn unpretty!

Here’s what I tell people about my food, I guarantee it’s gonna taste good, but it might not looks so good. Unlike most other food bloggers out there, I have zero talent for anything crafty. I am not at all domestic, I’m just a great cook. So, while I’ll mix the ingredients in a way that will make your taste buds happy, but the garnishes will be falling off the top of the cake will be cut in to servings that look more like puzzle pieces.

You need proof, for Thanksgiving last year I made Gingerbread Bars. They were a huge hit, taste wise at least…



10 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8

Today I’m thankful for text messaging. Much like social media, text messaging comes with plenty of problems. It’s unfortunate that people these days often don’t realize that text messaging is totally appropriate for, “I’ll be there in 5,” or “Here’s the address of the restaurant,” but not so much for, “So where’d you grow up,” or, “What are your future goals and aspirations.”

Text messages certainly shouldn’t replace real conversation, but I love that text can keep you engaged with friends. As my friends and I have gotten older, we’ve gotten busier and it’s become harder to have long phone chats on a regular basis and most of my close friends don’t live in the same city as me so we also don’t see each other that often. Text messaging allows us to always keep in quick touch. Sometimes it’s a quick, “Was just thinking about you. I miss you,” or a “OMG I just saw [insert celebrity] at Starbucks” or a funny picture we know will crack the other one up.

Text messaging (actually iMessage) also allows me to keep in touch with friends abroad. iMessaging is free whereas international calls can be obscenely expensive.

Text messaging is certainly not perfect, but I’m very thankful that it’s a quick and easy way for me to always be in touch with people I love even when they’re not nearby.

2 comments on “So damn unpretty!

  1. I love text messaging as I am SO not a phone talker. But yah, it’s not good for everyone! A friend in run club had a guy she recently started dating text her and ask, “Why are you single?” Um what?

    We are definitely due for a skype session though! AND we could do a google hangout and you, Mandy, and I could all catch up together! I have been doing those with Becky and our friend Kyla and it’s awesome!

  2. tarametblog says:

    I hear you. i make a dip that looks really unappetizing and people are always quick to judge it but then ask for the recipe once they try it.

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