The F train takes us home

Ok I admit it, this is sort of a throwaway post. Be kind, I’m just getting back in to the swing of blogging.

The weather report last Sunday called for a sunny, 60 degree day. Figuring this would be the last warm(ish) day for a good long while, Chris and I made plans to spend the day in Brooklyn.

When we left Manhattan it was in fact 60 degrees and sunny. A half an hour later, when we got off the subway in Brooklyn, the sky had clouded over and it was windy and cold which meant it was wise to head to Brooklyn Brewery and warm up with some beers in their tasting room.

After getting properly tipsy warmed up we were ready for some food. Unfortunately Smorgasburg is only in Williamsburg on Saturdays, so we hopped on the East River Ferry and made our way to Dumbo which hosts Smorgasburg on Sundays. The Smorgasburg website said they were open until 6pm, but when we got there at 4pm almost all the booths had closed down. Chris grabbed a lemon poppy doughnut just as Dough was closing their booth, which he reported was quite delicious.

I'm allergic to poppy, but it looks nice and light.

I’m allergic to poppy, but it looks nice and light.

Since our Smorgasburg plans were foiled we had to come up with a new game plan. Chris suggested we head to Buttermilk Channel and I jumped at the suggestion. Buttermilk Channel is a restaurant in Carroll Gardens with a great reputation and award winning fried chicken and I’d been dying to try it. The restaurant was a good 40 minute walk from where we were, but we’re New Yorkers and it was an excuse to walk through some of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn; Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

We arrived at Buttermilk Channel just as they opened at 5pm for an early dinner. The restaurant is beautiful and homey inside; dimly lit with plenty of windows. When it came time to order I struggled, on the one hand their fried chicken is legendary on the other hand the steak special sounded amazing.

To start we were given warm popovers with honey and sea salt.

To start we were given warm popovers with honey and sea salt.

In the end I went with the steak because it pretty much encompassed everything I love in one dish; a ribeye steak with garlic butter and a fennel, blue cheese gratin.

O! M! G! I did not regret my choice. It was so good and there was so much of it that Chris ended up eating some of it and I still had enough to throw in to my lunchtime salads for the next two days.

Sorry that this picture is so bad, it was very dark in there and my phone was dying.

Sorry that this picture is so bad, it was very dark in there and my phone was dying.

Chris went with the burger which he reported was delicious, nice and juicy and was served with the perfect sharp cheddar melted on top. I stole a couple of fries which were delish too.

Burger and fries

Burger and fries

Because it was so early we skipped any appetizers, but we were both eyeing the cornbread with chili-lime butter. My friend Chrissann, a frequent patron of Buttermilk Channel, said we’d missed out on the squash tart to start and that trying the fried chicken is a must. Ah well this just means that we’ll have to go back and I’ll write up a full review, but needless to say Buttermilk Channel lived up to its reputation!

The title of this post comes from this song:

One comment on “The F train takes us home

  1. Yum. Your food looks and sounds amazing. Those fries look delish!! I love cozy restaurants like that – I am glad the food exceeded your expectations!

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