Yea, that’s a fridge next to my TV

Sorry about the lack of posts. I had some thing planned, but it’s turned out to be quite a stressful week and I just don’t have the time right now. Also, my biggest food adventure (and largest contributor to my stress level)  in the past few days has been this:

Yes, I DVR General Hospital. Don't judge. Also AJ Quartemaine is back from the dead.

That’s right, I DVR General Hospital. Don’t judge.
Also AJ Quartemaine is back from the dead.

I came home from work on Monday to find that my refrigerator was completely dead. Awesome! I had to throw out pretty much everything in it. The only things I could salvage were 4 oranges and a sweet potato*.

The next day while I was at work my Super had some technicians take a look. They confirmed that the fridge had left this world for a better place where is can run free with other old appliances. Since it will take about a week to get a new refrigerator in my apartment the Super brought up a temporary one for me to use.  Since space is at a premium in my apartment the only place to put it was in the main living area between the TV and bookcase. Stylish, no?

I’ve bought the bare minimum of food to keep in the temp fridge and I’m really grateful to my Super for taking care of this so quickly, but man I can’t wait until I have a working fridge in my actual kitchen again!

How’s your week going?

*If you send me an article about how it’s unsafe to consume oranges and sweet potatoes after they’ve been cooled and then come back up to room temperature or something like that, I will find you and I will hurt you. I’m in no mood.

6 comments on “Yea, that’s a fridge next to my TV

  1. Mandy says:

    I still hate that your fridge died and I know its been a rough week, but this picture still amuses me. Sending hugs and hope the new fridge arrives sooner rather than later.

  2. And here I was thinking that you live in NY and space is always tight in NY apartments and maybe that’s where your fridge PERMANENTLY sits. Nice to see you’ll get that wall space back in no time.

    (PS – we don’t even refrigerate most of our fruit … just berries and anything that’s been cut-up … otherwise, it takes up a lot of premium counter space!)

    • Alli says:

      True confessions: I usually keep my citrus fruit in a bowl on the kitchen table, but for the last few weeks the table’s been covered with piles of crap which is why they were in the fridge.

  3. Ha, I thought you were going to say that is where your fridge always is! That really sucks about it breaking… Throwing out food is an expensive thing to do. :/ I am sorry to hear you have been having a rough week. We all need a break these days it seems. Can we teleport ourselves to someplace tropical?

  4. Becky says:

    I’m with the others in thinking that’s where your fridge was – waste not want not when it comes to space! Hoping you have a new fridge in the right place by now!

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