Vote for America’s Favorite Chef

“Kitchen Daily is on a quest to find America’s Favorite Chef! With your help, we assembled a list of 20 celebrity chef nominees. Now we want to hear from you! …”

At first I thought Rachel Ray, who is NOT a chef (seriously she’s barely a cook… or a sentient being) was winning, but thank God that Michael Symon is actually far ahead.

Though my vote is obviously for my hero Mario Batali, especially since my other hero Tom Colicchio was inexplicably left off the list, I am definitely a Micheal Symon fan and he certainly is deserved of this title. Yes, he has an adorable personality and infectious laugh, but he also has chops as a James Beard awarding winning chef and owner of several acclaimed restaurants.

Anyway you have the wrote to vote for anyone you’d like, but if you vote for Rachel Ray, Paula Deen or Guy Fieri then we cannot be friends. Sorry.

Click here to vote.


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