So I received one of the coolest gift I’ve ever been given from my friends Janet and Paul. Have you heard of the Zoku Quick Pop Maker? It’s this little mold/contraption/thingie that you keep in your freezer and then you can make popsicles whenever you’d like in just 7-10 minutes! Yes, I realize that this isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of an “eeeeee!!” gift, but this kind of thing is so up my alley.

I didn’t have time this week to buy many ingredients, but I grabbed some frozen raspberries and a small orange juice at the store and I’ve been making a popsicle for dessert every night. My mind is going wild with ideas, especially after Googleing “Zoku recipes!” You cannot believe the things that people are doing.


My chipped nail polish really enhances the photo, no?

Needless to say I’m kind of obsessed with this product and you’ll probably be seeing a lot more popsicle related posts!

6 comments on “Obsessed

  1. That IS a cool gift! I didn’t realize it made popsicles THAT FAST. I love popsicles, so this gift would be right up my alley as well!

    • Alli says:

      You should totally get one. They also make bigger ones that hold several pops. It would be a great thing to do with your nephews.

  2. Becky says:

    We had popsicle shapes like that when I was little but not ones that froze in seven minutes! My mom used to make orange and apple juice popsicles and I remember thinking they were SO good – little did I know they weren’t bad for me either. Sneaky sneaky!

    • Alli says:

      Your mom’s a smart one ;). That’s another reason why I love this gift, I know il make some defendant treats from time to time, but I love that I can make a healthy dessert in a snap.

  3. I sort of love that just as we’re turning towards the coldest, dreariest months of the year, you’re talking popsicles. You’re making your people in Boston proud. =)

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