Mama, I’m pretty!

Remember how recently I confessed that while my food always tastes good, it doesn’t always look so good? Well this Thanksgiving I was determined to make my food look pretty. I even whipped out a ruler to try to keep the squares of my gingerbread bars fairly even. Also, I exhibited uncharacteristic patience and actually waited until they were cool before slicing them!

The results:

Fresh out of the oven.

Fresh out of the oven.

Ready to serve

Ready to serve

I was so proud of myself! The gingerbread bars were equally as delicious as last years, but this year they actually had table appeal too!

If you like gingerbread I highly recommend this recipe from Gourmet. The only change I make, based on the comments, is to round the teaspoons of spices (ie the ginger, cinnamon, etc) to give this extra yummy kick.


One comment on “Mama, I’m pretty!

  1. Yum – those look delicious and like you said, they ARE PRETTY. Nice work! 🙂

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