Birthday weekend of awesomeness as seen through food: Day 1

My actual birthday is on Sunday, but I took Friday and Monday off to make a 4 day weekend out of it. That means that as soon as I left work on Thursday I considered my birthday weekend in full effect.

After work, my friend Mary and I went to the happiest place on earth, aka The Mermaid Inn’s “Happiest Two Hours,” which features $1 oysters and half price drinks every day from 5-7pm! Genius, no?

Mary and followed our normal routine. She ordered a white whine, I ordered a beer and then we shared 20 East Coast oysters (sorry West Coast, but our oysters are better!).

We always have a “toast” with our first oyster because we’re adorable like that.

After our oysters are finished, we each order the Mermaid Inn’s Lobster Knuckle Escargot. Basically they take an escargot dish and then put a piece of lobster claw meat in each divet. Then the whole thing is covered in garlic, butter parsley and toasted breadcrumbs and it’s served with toasted buttery bread. It is everything that is right with the world in one dish or, as Mary said last night, “It’s like love and happiness on a plate.”

Oh wait, you thought Mermaid couldn’t get more awesome; well it can! At the end of every meal there they bring you a complimentary mini chocolate pudding served in an espresso cup and a fortune telling fish for fun!

After we were done with dinner we headed to one of my favorite bars, George Keeleys, where I had two more beers.

Have we ever discussed on this blog, what a terrible drinker I am? Well, the last thing I consumed last night was the giant glass of water and two Advil that Chris brought me in bed. Not feeling so hot this morning, but it was totally worth it.

2 comments on “Birthday weekend of awesomeness as seen through food: Day 1

  1. Hey, I’ve been to the Mermaid’s Inn! My parents took my brother there for his birthday a number of years ago – and it happened to be a year when I traveled to NY to celebrate with them! Seems like that’s the place to go to celebrate a birthday! Also seems like you have kicked off your birthday celebrations on the right foot! Have a fabulous weekend – hugs to you and Lisa, too!

  2. I hope I can experience this place some day because it sounds amazing. I love love love oysters but they are SO expensive in the Midwest since they have to be flown in. So on my next trip I need to get in early enough to take advantage of this happy hour!!

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