A root beer for Roger Ebert


I don’t normally have an emotional reaction to the passing of celebrities. Of course I find them sad, but I don’t know these people personally so I find that it’s best to leave the grieving to their family and friends. When I heard of the passing of film critic and writer Roger Ebert, though, I admit that I felt a sense of loss.

With the death of Roger Ebert the world loses a man who was a rare combination of grace, wit, intelligence and amiability. We need more people in this world like Roger Ebert and the world is a little bit sadder of a place today because he’s gone.

Much as I admired Roger Ebert, I wouldn’t have normally talked about him on this blog since it’s dedicated to food, but today I stumbled on a beautiful piece that Ebert had written for his blog on the Chicago Sun Times wesbsite after he lost his ability to eat and drink a few years ago. It’s well worth a read.

Here’s to you Roger Ebert. I hope you are at piece now, enjoying a root beer with your dad.

Nil by mouth

By Roger Ebert on January 6, 2010 11:38 PM

I mentioned that I can no longer eat or drink. A reader wrote: “That sounds so sad. Do you miss it?” Not so much really. Not anymore. Understand that I was never told that after surgery I might lose the ability to eat, drink and speak. Eating and drinking were not mentioned, and it was said that after surgery I might actually be able to go back to work on television.

Success in such surgery is not unheard of. It didn’t happen that way. The second surgery was also intended to restore my speaking ability. It seemed to hold together for awhile, but then, in surgeon-speak, also “fell apart.”

A third surgery was attempted, using a different approach. It seemed to work, and in a mirror I saw myself looking familiar again. But after a little more than a week, that surgery failed, too.

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2 comments on “A root beer for Roger Ebert

  1. “We need more people in this world like Roger Ebert and the world is a little bit sadder of a place today because he’s gone.”

    Amen. I completely agree. And what a fitting tribute to a fantastic man and writer. I just read his post that you linked to, and wow. So glad you pointed me to it.

  2. That’s a great tribute – thanks for sharing the link. I had no idea what an inspirational thinker and generally great man Roger Ebert was.

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