Gotta be grateful, not hateful

Best worst song ever.

We we we we gonna have a good time.


Ten Days of Thanksgiving: Day 10

Today I’m grateful for this holiday.

Thanksgiving is an easy holiday to love. It’s the one day a year when it’s totally acceptable to fill your plate with carbs, when the correct answer to the question, “mashed potatoes or sweet?” is “Both!” How do you not love that!? I also love that Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays.

I remember back in elementary school learning about both the “melting pot” view of America vs. the “tossed salad” view. The melting pot view teaches that when immigrants come to this country they all blend together in to one to become Americans. The tossed salad view teaches that when immigrants come to this country they retain their own unique flavor which just makes the proverbial salad that much more delicious, each individual ingredient tastes great on it’s own, but when taken together it really turns in to something extra special.

I’ve always been in the tossed salad camp and Thanksgiving is one of our best examples of the tossed salad view in action. As Americans most of us have all of the same staples on our Thanksgiving tables; a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. Depending on the culture you come from though, there are often some untraditional additions. I have Italian friends who serve a pasta dish, Indian friends who have a curry on their table, German friends who prepare braised red cabbage as part of their feast.

America is a place where we can celebrate both our similarities and our differences and Thanksgiving gives us a great opportunity to do that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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