Tell me that news stations in the rest of the country, actually the rest of the world, are just not reporting on the aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy. Tell me that and I swear I’ll feel better because I just can’t believe that people outside of my corner of the world could’ve watched what’s happening here and remained silent.

Looks like a bombed out city after WWII right?
Well it’s Breezy Point, Queens post-Sandy.
(Photo by Mark Lennihan, AP via USA Today)

I’m a pretty plugged in gal. I’ve got Facebook and Twitter accounts, I read blogs, I keep up with things! Time after time again when tragedies strike I see those networking tools fill up with messages of encouragement, calls for donations and suggestions on how to help. It’s what I love most about social media. Yet right now New York and New Jersey are in a bad bad way and all I hear from the rest of the country is crickets.

My local Facebook friends, many of who grew up in The Rockaways and on the Jersey Shore, are doing an amazing job of getting their stories out there and self organizing to help victims, but the rest of the country seems to think it’s not their problem. Well that’s if they’re thinking about us at all.

Ortley Beach, NJ
(Photo by Andrew Mills via The Star-Ledger)

In case you hadn’t heard people lost their homes and every single thing they own. Entire neighborhoods have been obliterated. Some people are lucky to still have homes, but haven’t had power for 5 days which means no hot showers, fridges full of food going bad and no heat as the temperatures dip in to the 30’s. A mother in Staten Island lost her 2 and 4 year old sons when they were literally swept out of her arms by a crushing wave. Their bodies were found days later and more victim’s bodies are being found as the cleanup continues.

Hoboken, NJ
(Richard Perry/The New York Times)

Yeah things are really f’ing bad here. We need help and we need to spread the word outside of the affected areas. I am one of those annoying people who believes that most people are basically good and human beings yearn to help each other in times of crisis so please prove me right. If you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, a blog or any other social media tool start talking about what’s going on here in New York and New Jersey and encourage everyone you know to make a donation. Every little bit helps.

NBC News has a great link that you can share which lists organizations helping with the relief effort. Please open your hearts and your wallets so that the sounds of crickets I hear are quickly replaced with the sound of hammers as homes and lives are rebuilt.

Staten Island, NY
(Photo by John Makely via NBC News)

And to those of who’ve already donated or have been paying attention/spreading the word: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

5 comments on “Crickets

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling deserted during a time you need support the most. I’m sure the silence is just those pesky Republicans shutting their traps, because they think that unnecessary government entity known as FEMA will help everyone when it hurts the most. (Yes, I just went there.) Seriously, though, I don’t know why you feel the country has been silenced. It’s the week leading up to an election, so I think people are distracted and don’t know where to pay attention. But, we do hear stories and we do know what’s going on. Earlier this week, I donated money (though, I wish I could come physically help with the clean-up). Plus, it doesn’t help when the NYC marathon folks can’t get their head out of their ass and refuse to cancel the race … makes it look like the city is probably faring far better than it is. Hang in there…

  2. Alli says:

    Don’t even get me started on the marathon, people here are pissed about it. We need first responders, generators, food and water for our displaces residents and not visitors coming to run the race. Thank you for the words of encouragement (and for making a donation), it just feels like we’re really on our own here and those outside of this area aren’t really getting the scope of devestation and that we are in a crisis situation here. I’m honestly not sure if the national media is reporting on the human toll or if they’re just talking about the financial ramifications of the storm. I just want to make sure that everyone out there knows that we need help urgently.

  3. […] are calls to action in the Blogshere. Alli creates a compelling case for WHY to donate. Steph provides additional ideas for donations as well as where to donate in NJ. And if you’d […]

  4. Kate says:

    Thanks, Alli for this post. You said those words that have been really hard to say- I appreciate it. I hope you are warm, safe, and dry, as well as have been able to contact all your loved ones.

    • Alli says:

      Thanks Kate. I know that you can relate to this feeling that we are bleeding heart do-gooders who are always ready to help the rest of the world so now it’s frustrating to feel like others aren’t really talking about us. It feels like with past disasters both foreign and domestic my inbox and Facebook feed are filled with calls to donate and help, but I haven’t seen any for the NY/NJ victims of Sandy so it’s frustrating. I have many amazing personal friends from all over who I know are committed to help us, but I’m not seeing large scale action from organizations.

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