Brooklyn Local

Yes yes, I’m a proud Manhattanite, but I really love Brooklyn too. Maybe it’s because both of my parents grew up there and growing up all of my grandparents lived there. Maybe it’s because Brooklyn, despite being part of New York City, proudly functions in many ways as its very own city. Or maybe it’s because all of the incredible food that can be found there these days.

A couple of weeks ago my friend JulieAnne and I attended, Brooklyn Local, a fundraiser for City Harvest.

For this event I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

My take home purchase of the day. So good!

Of course there was also plenty of wine and beer to be had.

6 comments on “Brooklyn Local

  1. I really like Brooklyn. A lot. It reminds me of Chicago – very neighborhoody, lots of tree-lined streets, parks, etc. My brother lived there for a number of years and I always loved visiting him there.

  2. Becky says:

    You had me at saucy caramel.

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