Actual Proof That Mario Batali Loves Me

Unfortunately you have to get through one quick commercial first, but then skip to 2:50 in and you’ll see Clinton read a tweet from me (26 Dishes) and then listen to what Mario says after

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Umm Alli, Mario was just joking around and doesn’t actually know you or know who he’s talking about,” but you’re wrong! This is just more proof that he and I are cosmically connected. 😉

Your favorite Batali Stalker

PS- If you live in the New York Area, don’t forget the Taste of the Marcellus event is tonight at Brooklyn Winery, with an after party to follow at Brooklyn Bowl. Tickets to the main event are $75 in advance with discount code FNF1 or $125 at the door ( Tickets to the after party are $25 in advance or at the door.

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