Hunger is #NotAGame

Here are a few things I love; the Hunger Games, eradicating hunger worldwide and young people getting involved in Social Justice. If only someone would combine all of those things…

OMG they totally did!

The Imagine Better Project has partnered with Oxfam to encourage young people to take what they’ve learned from the themes of the Hunger Games books and apply them to the real world.

The Hunger is Not a Game campaign website has several ways for Hunger Games fans to get involved in global food justice. These include signing Oxfam’s GROW pledge or “sending a silver parachute” (something us die hard Hunger Games fans totally understand) by organizing a food drive. The campaign also asks that you tweet about the topic using the hashtag #notagame.

The Hunger Games movie is expected to do $90 million dollars in it’s opening weekend. That means a lot of people, including myself, will be going to the theater. Now imagine what we could do if every one of those people took action! 

So enjoy the movie, get involved in the actions and, in case you were wondering,…

Team Peeta!

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