Get to Know Me: Foodie Style!

My friend Lisa posted this meme over on her blog and I thought it would be fun to try it using only food related answers.

I am a damn good cook.
I think every single person can (and should) use their votes, voices and consumer dollars to bring about real change in the way food is produced and distributed.
I know that eating real food is better for you than eating processed crap.
I have a great love of anchovies.
I wish I were the next Martha Stewart (only sexier).
I hate ketchup, popcorn, raw onions.
I miss the milk in Denmark.
I fear GMO’s!
I hear a lot of evidence that organic farming methods can in fact feed the world and I hope other people are listening too.
I smell basil and instantly get happy. It has to be one of the greatest smells on earth.
I crave carbs when I’ve had a bad day. You can keep the ice cream, give me pasta!
I search for new recipes all the time.
I wonder if Mario Batali realizes that if he met me, he’d love me as much as I love him.
I regret the unhealthy relationship I used to have with food.
I love strawberries more than any other food on the planet!
I ache for a big beautiful kitchen to cook in.
I am not much of a chocolate person. I mean I think it’s ok, but I don’t get what all the fuss is about.
I believe in pretty much everything Michael Pollan says.
I dance at weddings, but don’t eat the food. Big catered events are tough with food allergies so I pack a sandwich in my purse and find a minute to step outside and eat it.
I sing sometimes when I’m cooking. Growing up my mom and I would often sing Broadway show tunes while I helped her in the kitchen.
I cry every single time I cut an onion. That’s one of the not so great things I get from my mom. We’ve both tried every trick, but even the mildest onions bring on the waterworks.
I fight to bring about a real, lasting, sustainable change in our broken food system.
I win all of my friends and family’s vote for best homemade cranberry sauce they’ve ever had. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many people I know who swore they hated cranberry sauce until they tried mine.
I lose my cool when I hear people espousing the virtues of whatever the latest fad diet is.
I never eat fast food.
I always have a well stocked spice rack which, in my opinion, is the number one rule for being a good cook.
I confuse curly leaf parsley and cilantro when I see them, but all you need to do is get a good whiff of them to know which one is cilantro.
I listen to restaurant reviews, but in the end rely on what real people say about their experience.
I can usually be found exploring markets when I travel. I love seeing the kinds of things they sell and the way in which they’re prepared and shared, it can tell you a lot about the culture.
I am scared of pink slime
I need better knives.
I am happy about this blog.
I imagine a world where everyone has access to good quality, affordable healthy food and I believe that’s possible if we all work together!

2 comments on “Get to Know Me: Foodie Style!

  1. Oh man, we would travel so well together, what with your love of food markets and such. And we have very similar philosophies on food. I would love to take you to my favorite food market in Paris. You’d have a food-gasm. Seriously.

    I am actually not a huge chocolate person either. I don’t crave it like other people do. i am more of a savory or salty type of girl!

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