I Got 26 Problems But a Dish Ain’t One

Hello and welcome to 26 dishes!

I love to cook and I love trying new recipes so I’ve decided to go through the alphabet and cook a dish from a country that starts with every letter from A-Z and to chronicle the experiment here. I also love to travel, but, due to lack of time and funds, don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like so maybe these recipes will help take the edge off what one of my friends calls my “wanderlust.”

Here are some things you should know:

1. I live in a 250 square foot apartment which means my kitchen is is about 2×5. In other words, I’m not making my own pasta or butchering a whole chicken any time soon. Mostly I’ll be cooking at my place, but on occasion I might go out to New Jersey to use my parents kitchen which is nearly twice the size of my whole apartment.

2. (and this is the biggie) I have A LOT and I do mean A LOT of very serious food allergies. I won’t list them all here, but it will make this hard and you’ll see that very few of these recipes are going to be Asian or Middle Eastern (nuts, beans, sesame = death). Still I’m going to try to keep these recipes as authentic as possible.

3. I’m doing this for no other reason than my own enjoyment so if you don’t like it you should probably just not read it.

Since it will take quite awhile for me to get through 26 new recipes I will likely use this space to post other recipes, restaurant reviews, food related articles, etc.

If you have any recipes to share I’d love to hear them, so please pass them along!

2 comments on “I Got 26 Problems But a Dish Ain’t One

  1. Wow, that is a really cool idea! I love cooking and love new dishes so am looking forward to following along!!


    Wow! Back in 1999, we decided we wanted to see how the world celebrates Christmas and New Year’s so we started with the alphabet in the year 2000. This year we’re on Q and we are in Qatar 2016… sounds like great minds think alike!


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